Turkish Mauser Tool Box

The Mauser system of military firearms (and the K.KALE and so called "ATF 1954" are true Mausers) were designed to be assembled and disassembled with a minimum of tools.


The picture above shows the most commonly needed tools used to repair or inspect these rifles. At the top is a 6-inch stainless steel dial caliper, made deep in Red China. This is available for $15 from KBC Tools or Wholesale Tool. I have mistreated this one for about 7 years and it still works perfectly. Below the calipers, to the right are GO and NO-GO headspace gauges. These can be had from Brownells or Midway and others and should cost $15 to $20. Some question whether the OLD style or NEW style, the difference is in the angle of the shoulder, is correct. Buy the NEW gauge. When shooting blasting ammo, it doesn't matter, and if you are reloading your own you will adjust your resizing die to provide proper headspace. Your reloading die will be made to the NEW specification. In the center are two screwdriver bits. The upper one is a Brownells 340-3 (p/n 080-340-330); it fits the two floorplate screws and the rear sight retainer screw. The lower bit is Brownells 240-3 (p/n 080-240-330); it fits the ejector box and M98 locking screws. These bits fit into any of the replaceable handles sold at hardware outlets for $1.50. Below the bits is Brownells short handle, they get $7, better to get a $1.50 LOWES special with some extra bits and a hole in the handle for storage. To the left is a 5/64 punch. This punch removes the rear sight pin, both pins in the trigger group and the pin in the magazine. It can be had at Brownells, KBC or Wholesale Tool. To the left is a non-metallic scrubbing pad, without soap. These pads are great for cleaning without hurting bluing.