Styles of Turk Floorplates


Two styles of floorplates are showing up on K.KALE and "ATF 1945" Mausers.

One style has two screws and is "short' while the other has four screws and is a little longer.

The additional two screws (the small ones in the pic above) are used to lock the larger screws and prevent removal or loosening. The four-screw plate is the upper one and the increased length is ahead of the magazine well and allows for the small lock screw. The rear lock screw is installed in the root of the trigger guard. The four-screw plate is the original German Military standard used in WW1 and WW2.

The other identifying characteristic of the German plate is the parade-sling hole ahead of the trigger loop.

When buying a eplacement stock, either new or used, it might be nice to know what floorplate it is inletted to receive.