Rear Band Screws

A common problem when working on Turks is the condition of the pin used to secure the rear stock band. Some Turks secure this band with a spring, but most seem to have a rivet or nail or somesuch piece of nonsense through two holes in the band. This "pin" is most easily removed by the Dremel/pin punch method, but what to do when re-assembling?

A 6-32 screw or machine screw with either a slotted or Phillips head, 1 3/8-inch long seems to work best. First, the band is tapped with a 6-32 tap.

One of the holes is usually countersunk to receive the head of the pin. I like to put the tap through the countersunk hole and thread the other hole. If the tap won't go through the hole, enlarge it with a 9/64 drill. The hole being tapped needs to be a #36 hole, however I've never had to drill it, the existing hole was always OK.

You can use a round head screw, as on the left, or a flat head screw. The center band (in the pic) has a flat head screw, as does the one on the right. The one on the right was countersunk using an 82-degree countersink.

The roundhead won't tear your skin, and if the countersunk flat head is sunk enough, neither will it. (This is really important in a Military rifle, and it's one of the things that made the Garand so great. Just try sleeping with an M-14, M-16 and donít even think about the FAL)

Three bands and three different screw lengths. I think 1 3/8 inch will be a good place to start. Don't run the screw through and then cut it off, for if you do you'll ruin the threads when you remove it! Run the screw through and mark it with a magic marker, then remove, cut, and smooth the threads.

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