Our Snakes


Snakes, like firearms, seem to be disliked by people with no first hand experience or knowledge of the facts. Many people have never handled a snake or seen a snake in the wild. I don't like to import or cage wild animals, so my snakes have all been found in the wild, in most cases in distress, and are returned to the wild as soon as possible. The snake shown on the Home Page was found in a metal recycling yard pretty badly bruised and cut. After about nine months of eating live "pinkies" (newborn mice), he/she escaped into the house, well healed, without a mark, having shed about five skins. This snake was a native Eastern Milk snake. This snake is a nice pet, it handles well, no scent, although it some are active and continually moves about when handled.

Recently, while removing a rotted stump, my nephew found nine eggs. Two were broken:

After about six days:

Small heads began to appear,

Lots of heads:

Then, after awhile (their shy, the black dot is an eye),

At last count all seven had hatched:

These are Eastern Milk Snakes, about seven inches long. I will try to get very small, just born, mice and see if I can get them to eat.

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