A Mauser Action Holder


Sometimes it's nice to hold an action in a vise, especially a mill-vise. For example, if your drilling some odd spaced scope mount holes, or even standard spaced holes. If you have a mill, this holder can be made in your "spare J " time.

Square up a block and cut two steps along one long side, one on each side. The nice thing about a Mauser is the nice flat-bottomed receiver.

On the "top", opposite the steps (bottom), mill a clearance cut for the recoil lug/front screw and another for the trigger pivot.

Either mill a clearance cut (small ring Mauser) or counterbore (large ring Mauser) for the rear action screw boss and drill (on the center-line) holes for the action screws.

The one shown above has enough clearance for the military trigger.

Steps are cut at each end to allow using the original action screws to hold the action.

Make all the steps and holes symmetrical and on the center-line.


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