Make a "Small Screw" Holder for Filing or Grinding


Holding small screws securely while fileing or grinding is a problem. They wiggle around if held in pliers, burn your fingers if you go without pliers, get scratched if held in vise grips, and get lost when they fly across the room.

So, if you are wondering what to do with that left-over piece of 1/8 inch pipe with threads on one end (remember the rear pillar project), here is a good project.

Or, if you're wondering how to shorten those front mounting screws for the scope project, this is the answer.

This screw holder can be hand held when using a grinder, or held in a vise for fileing.

A good thing to know is that the threads used on lamp fixtures are just a straight version of 1/8 National Pipe Threads. So, little do-dads used to finish off lamps and chandeliers will thread onto 1/8 pipe and pipefittings and vise-a-versa.

In this case the little do-dads are "Cast Lockup Caps", or caps for the end of brass lamp tubes. These are available at most hardware outlets in the electrical or lighting areas. These along with a piece of 1/8 pipe, threaded on one end, will make our screw holder. The caps are to be drilled with holes to allow the shank of the screw to pass, but not the head. The complete set is shown at the right. Drill from the inside with the cap on a piece of wood. Now, take a piece of wood about the diameter of a pencil, whittle a point, and pound it into the threaded end of the pipe. Do not mess-up the threads !!! Cut the excess wood flush with the end of the pipe

This shows it all. Put the screw through the hole in the cap, head in, shank out, and tighten onto the end of the pipe. The wood will tighten against the screw head, but not scratch it. Now you can file or grind without burning your fingers or having the screw fly out of some ill-fitting pliers.

Make a big safety pin from some stiff wire, drill a hole, and store away.

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