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Some discussion of the life expectancy of Barbecue Ignitors when used as a gas engine ignition system has appeared recently on some of the boards. I am in need of a HiTension "sparker" (I am also in need of a job as I write this, Aug. 27, 2002) as a part of a Stover CT-3 rebuild.

I purchased a $10 CharBroil replacement piezo ignitor and placed it on a test jig. The jig fires the ignitor 25 time a minute.

Here is the test jig in operation. The DC gear motor, upper left, has a follower cam mounted on the output shaft. The cam is hidden in this view. The cam moves the red angle, center left, back and forth, snapping the ignitor (the ignitor has the yellow clip lead attached). The above view shows the ignitor in the relaxed position, while the view below shows the ignitor in the fired position.

This shows the cam-bearing and retractor spring (rubber band). Note the spark plug in all the views.

I intend to run the test to destruction and post the results!!

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