Making A Replacement Safety


This is a Chinese copy of the Soviet Tokerov, I think it's an M-54 ?, anyway, When I got it, it was missing a few safety parts.

This is the receiver, in the area formerly occupied by the safety. It looked as if the safety lever had a pivot that went thru the hole, and that the pivot had "ears" that fit thru the vertical slot. The two dimples were detents (click-click) and the two small holes were tapped for screws, the screw heads acting as stops for the lever.

I found that a piece of 5mm Drill rod fit the hole just right and that a 5/64 pin fit the width of the slot.

The drill rod was drilled to accept the roll pin. I am using a bench block as a V-Block, and drilling thru one of the holes in the block..

The rod/pin combo was tried in the safety slot, and found to work as a safety when rotated.

A block of metal (pretty big) was drilled to accept the 5mm rod, cross-drilled for a pin to secure the rod, and blind drilled for a spring/ball combo that would line up with the detents. Before the block was cross drilled, the block and rod were tried in the receiver and the geometry adjusted and then the drill rod and block were "fixed" together with a small drop of solder (hidden in this view). After making this temporary "fix" the whole thing was cross-drilled.

Then a WHOLE BUNCH of metal was cut, ground and filed away. The blind hole with the spring and ball is in the "thumb ridge". Here I made an error, in that I used a much bigger spring than required and this needed a bigger/deeper hole, so, it I remove to much more metal, I will expose to blind hole J .

I had no idea what size the original stop screws were I just drilled and tapped for some 4x40 socket head cap screws.

Done and blued

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