A Simple Muzzle Protector

A Turk with a 29-inch barrel is sometimes to long for the cleaning rod when used through the action. Or maybe you have an M1/M14/M1A1 with a closed action that prohibits cleaning from that end. In these cases you may find it necessary to clean the bore from the muzzle end, and that means you need a muzzle protector in order to save the rifling.

On the left is a protector made on a lathe, a good project to use up odds of brass. Top, center is a protector used on M1/M14/M1A1 rifles and top right is a commercial protector supplied with a cleaning rod. On the bottom are a 25-06 case and a 1/4-inch flat washer.

The 25-06 case has been cut!!!

The mouth of the cut case, the washer and a 1/4-inch bolt and nut holding them together. The case and washer have been sanded, flux and solder will be next.

Soldered, using any soft solder, plumbing or electronic repair.

The protector in use. Pick any bottlenecked case, brass is preferred, select one with a neck that just fits.