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Mosin-Nagant Trigger Mods 

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 The first thing I wanted to do was to improve the trigger, especially the amount of over-travel. I had seen an article on reducing pull, and though well done, it didn't address over-travel. It did, however, allow trigger pull to be adjusted without removing the action from the stock.

This is what I ended up with, but not for long. The next photo shows the double locknuts replaced by single NyLock nuts.

The work involves drilling one hole in the receiver, one hole in a metal bar, tapping the receiver, silver soldering the piece of metal to the trigger. The silver soldering can be done with a propane torch. All of the work can be done with hand tools, but a drill press and vise would help. The following is a step-by-step procedure.

These are the supplies needed: To the left, a silver solder kit; under the scale, a 4-40 x 1 1/2-inch long machine screw: five 4-40 nuts; a #43 drill bit; and a 4-40 tap. Not shown is a piece of 5/16" square stock, see below. The head will be cut off of the screw in order to make a threaded rod, so, if you have 4-40 rod, use that.

This is the unmodified receiver/trigger/magazine assembly.

This is the underside of the receiver, at the rear end. The pencil is touching the spring/sear piece and to the right of the pencil is a bright area where the action bears on the stock. The dark area between the pencil and the bright area is our workspace.

A hole needs to be drilled and tapped in the workspace. This hole will need to accept a 4-40 stud and locking nut. The nut MUST NOT interfere with the movement of the spring/sear. Since the nut doesn't fit in the workspace, it is moved to the right, into the bright area. This means that some wood will need to be removed from the stock, but better to remove wood that grind the spring away.

The action was center punched, where the nut was, centered on the receiver and toward to rear, away from the spring/sear.

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