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Mosin-Nagant Stock Re-Work

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The stock on my project M-N was badly broken at the front, cracked on the right side, missing wood on the right side of the barrel channel, and had been used to drive tent stakes at one time. The front fenders of my pick-up had some small holes, and the repair of the truck left me with 3/4 of a gallon of body putty (two-part epoxy). I intended to paint the stock, rather than re-finish, so what the hell J .

I used a Dremel/Fordam tool with a small router thingy and gouged some wood out of every dent and scar. Then I filled the gouges with an excess of body putty and smoothed with a flat rasp.

I salvaged a lower sling swivel from a Turk stock and found some #12 oval countersunk screws. A 1/4-inch square bar was drilled and tapped, with the hole centers matching the swivel.

The square bar was more-or-less made round via some grinding.

The cut-off M-N stock was inleted (gouged out is more like it) and drilled for the swivel. The rounded bar fit the cleaning rod hole (thatís why it was rounded). A clay dam was erected at each end of the cleaning rod hole and AcraGlas (Brownells) was poured into the through holes. The swivel and screws were coated with release agent first. Some gouges were made to the sides of the square bar.

I doubt that this rifle will ever be used in competition, but when I do compete I use a very tight sling and am very paranoid of pulling out the front swivel (that really ends your day). The steel bar bedded into the stock guarantees that the swivel stays put!!

After the Glas set up, I put about 5 inches of Turk stock scrap onto the front of the M-N stock, with the extended square bar lying in the cleaning rod channel of the Turk scrap (the channel in the Turk is rectangular). The butting ends of the wood were coated with Glas and the whole thing held in place with gum bands till the Glas set up.

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