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Mosin-Nagant Muzzle Extension

I removed the two pins holding the front sight/bayonet attaching band and drove the band forward and off the barrel. I am used the Mausers, where the band is held with solder. NOT the M-N, this is a tapered, drive/press on fit, but thanks to the information from "wiseguy1" at Tennessee Gun Parts, I was able to place the muzzle on a block of wood and with a rather large hammer, remove the band with one blow. (But I did bugger-up the bayonet mount pretty good) This left me with a chunk of barrel, a little less than 3-inches long, 0.564 diameter at the muzzle, and 0.578 at the rear. The barrel was 0.664-inches in diameter, just before the "step".

Now what to do?

I found a nice chunk of metric dimensioned Stainless tube and started a muzzle extension,

but I felt that would end up too heavy, although the Stainless appealed to me. (Corrosive ammo and what-not) If you have read some of my other stuff, you may have noticed my fondness for plumbing stuff J .

Well, the O.D. of 3/8-inch iron pipe is 0.675-inches, pretty close to the 0.664-inch barrel diameter. Thatís a piece of 3/8 pipe above. Ý Ý Ý Ý

So I drilled the pipe with a 9/16 inch drill and reamed the pipe with a 37/64 reamer. You could drill the pipe with a 37/64 drill just as well. (The red mark on the reamer is a little less than 3-inches, I didn't go clear through, just enough for reduced portion of the barrel.

After reaming and drilling some holes, I washed the pipe with brake (automotive J ) cleaner, and "tinned" the inside of the reamed part with silver solder. I did the same to the outside of the barrel. Additionally, I put a few "drops" of solder on the tinned part. The small pieces of wooden sticks in the barrel are to prevent the barrel from oxidizing during the heating.

Then I heated the barrel and pipe, and slid the pipe over the barrel. The barrel extends to the edge of the rearmost hole, and the pipe adds 1 3/4-inches to the length of the barrel.

I used a piece of wide masking tape and laid out the hole spacing.

Then I trimmed the tape to the diameter of the pipe.

Then I center-punched the holes (very carefully) and drilled , starting with a 1/8 drill and working up.

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