Building a Mauser Match Rifle


  1. One of the local outfits is holding "F-Class" matches, that is 600 yd., prone, any sight, any style of front rest.
  2. My brother purchased, for me, by mistake, 2500 Hornady 75 grain, .224 inch, A-Max bullets.
  3. I always thought P.O. Ackley was an interesting guy.

So, I ordered a 26-inch heavy varmit style barrel with SRM threads from E.R. Shaw (their on the web now!), deep chambered in 22/250 A.I.

While awaiting delivery of the barrel, I prepared a K.KALE (Turk) action. First, I cut the knob off the end of an already bent (forged) bolt handle and welded a threaded extension on the stub.

This is the extension and bolt body held in a Brownell's Bolt Welding jig. The bolt body is covered with heat stop (in addition to stopping the flow of heat, it prevents scaling, to some extent) and has a heat sink threaded into it. Once the threaded stub was tacked in place, the bolt was transferred to the bending blocks, NOT for further bending, but because the cast iron blocks are a pretty good heat sink.

The threads on the extension are covered with the two nuts at the very top of the photo.

The hand guard extension on the front of the K.KALE receiver had already been removed, as shown HERE. The inner torque shoulder was lapped using the lap described HERE.

This shows the shoulder lap in use, and this:

shows the business end of the lap. The 400-grit lapping compound is smeared on the face of the lap.

This is the front of the receiver, the inner torque shoulder, nice and clean, and now true with the threads and face, is clearly visible.

Next the bolt lugs were lapped, again using 400 grit compound, and a spring loaded tool (shown HERE).

Using the same threaded bushing as the shoulder lap, the face of the bolt was lapped:

Here is the bolt face lap doing its job. Additionally, you can see why the extension was welded to the bolt handle stub J.

The BIG, black, plastic knob will provide an easy grip and a lots of leverage !.

The bolt face lap looked like this, a 1/2-inch brass rod to fit the bushing, with the end turned to 0.480 and cut square with the rod.

Another view J .

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