1000 Yards at Reade - Match No.1

May 11, 2002

10 shooters showed up to compete in the first 1000 yard match of 2002. The day was perfect, clear, mild, with just a hint of fishtailing winds, enough to separate the men from the boys J .

This is the 1000 yard line, five shooters are on the line and the other five are "in the pits" just below the five targets seen in the distance. This is a view of a typical NRA HiPower Long Range shooter, prone on a mat, with a spotting scope on his left and a stool, ammo box and water jug on the right.

This shooter is using a bolt action rifle in 308 cal. In this stage of fire (20 shots) he is using a telescopic sight. In the earlier stage, also 20 shots, he was using iron sights. Note that he is completely supporting the rifle and is not employing any artifical support. This is the definition of NRA HiPower Long Range competition; Twenty shots with iron sights, 20 with any sights (iron or telescopic), no artificial support.

This is also NRA HiPower Long Range, this time with a Service Rifle, in this case a M1A in 308 Cal. The spotting scope is to the side of the rifle in the green case. Clearly visible is the sling, used in position shooting. This shooter has a firm grip on the grip of the rifle (with his trigger finger hand) and a very loose grip with the other, gloved, hand.

This is an F-Class shooter at the 1000 yard line. This is a bolt rifle in 6.5x284. Note the front rest. This shooter rests his left (not seen) hand under the stock of the rifle. While the NRA shooters all used shooting jackets, to better mask breathing and heart beat movements, the F-Class shooter can get away with a light cloth coat.

A typical scene at HiPower matches, a line of shooters and a Range Master. The Range Master is in communication with the guys in the pits via radio.

Some of Match #1's shooters.

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