Repairing the CZ52 Firing Pin

Rev. 2008

Just tried to fire your CZ52 pistol and got no BANG? Most likely a broken firing pin, as the original pin was CAST (??), and breakage seems very common. So, you could buy a new one for $25, plus postage, or you could fix it yourself. Here's how. (OR, if you want me to do it, see the link below)

First, remove the pin.

Remove the slide, turn it over, depress the disconector, and pull the pin out with a pair of needle nose pliers.

Here we have an unbroken pin at the top, a broken pin at the bottom, and the decapping pin from an RCBS die (large primer style). The RCBS pin is 0.070-inches in diameter, almost exactly the same as the striking part of the original firing pin (I measured 0.069"). The length of this pin is 2.473" some are 2.475".

First, cut, mill, grind or some-how make a slot in the broken pin. This can be done using a Dremel tool and the little abrasive cut-off wheels.


I mounted the pin in a Milling vise and used a 5/64-inch end mill. Use your dial calipers to check the dimensions; using the RCBS pin, the slot is deepened until 0.049-inches of "wall" is remaining on the firing pin body.


The end view. The slot is just a snatch over 70-thousandths wide and deep, and the three walls are about 49 thousandths.

With the pin in the slot, check for length (if you don't have an unbroken pin, check out the first picture for the dimension) and eyeball the pin end-on for center.

You may want to tie the pin in place while soldering, as the flux sometimes boils and displaces the pin.

Clean the RCBS pin of bluing, and using a hard solder, preferably with some silver content, solder the RCBS pin in place. Clean up the solder with hot water and a file, and reinstall.


The lower pin could use just a touch more solder, but this photo was taken after a 500 round test, so I guess it's OK!!

Check out this link!!

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