COOLSPRING 2002 - Fall Show - Page 2

Above is Doug's (the son-in-law) 4 HP Myric engine, a vertical, air cooled, gas (NOT gasoline) fueled, oil field engine. This is a rather common engine in northern PA and southern NY states.

This is an extremely rare 2 HP Myric, same design as the 4 HP but selling for 7 to 10 times more that the larger 4 HP model!

These nicely detailed battery boxes will finish off this winters project in style !!

Early Wednesday, just as the rain started, made for a nice stroll in the woods. Here Becky and I check out some of the permanent displays. Just behind Becky, is a wooden oil storage tank waiting to be installed in an oil pumping display.

This young lady and her dog came from Maine, the mud on the dog was obtained locally.

This is a combined engine and water-pumping system, a nice item for the upper scale farm or ranch of 1910.

We did bring a IH Model LA, throttle governed engine to sell, as a favor for it's owner. Here Doug adjusts the mixture valve. The LA proved to be the easiest engine to start and run in the cold weather. It ran 10 hours a day for three days with never a hick-up.

Friday was a nice and dry day, and the owner of the LA, John, showed up to enjoy the show.

Another visitor was Herb Detrich, a former co-worker and old iron addict, seen here with Sandy and Becky, in Jake's vending area. (In addition to managing the parking and set-ups, Jake also has a strange and varied assortment of stuff for sale.

Here we see Doug starting my newly assembled Stover CT-3.

Coolspring has a lot of permanent engines on display, mostly in buildings, museum style, but also scattered around the grounds. Above is a Reed, two-cycle, owned by the guy in red, on a more-or-less permanent loan.

This is another two-cycle, a National Transit unit. Note the wooden mag mount. The owner was seeking enough parts to get it running.

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