Bob's Rifles, or Sporterizing some Turks

Bob works with me (used to) and has heard some of us talking about low priced rifles (Turks). He asked me to get him one and then, after talking to his brother and future son-in-law, asked for two more. These guys caught Turk fever without ever seeing one!

I ordered 5 $29.95 rifles from SARCO, they charged $10 shipping, and sent 4 K.KALEs and one 98 Mauser rework. I set the rework aside and tore down the K.KALEs. That is, I removed the actions from the stock, removed all small pieces, the trigger group, magazine and removed the barrels. None of the bores stood out, but after some elbow grease three looked usable.

The receivers were mounted on a mandrel and the retaining ring was removed, and a very light cut was taken across the receiver face.

The tool is mounted upside down and the lathe is run in reverse in order that the receiver does not unscrew. (This would not have been necessary, except I forgot to drill a center in both ends of my homemade mandrel.) To see some uncut and cut receivers, TRY THIS.

After cleaning up the receiver face, they were drilled for scopes using a B-Square jig.

This is the jig; the black round thing goes into the receiver where the bolt lives.

This is the jig in use, drilling the single rear mounting hole for a one-piece scope mount. The drill is held in position by a hardened bushing.

After the three holes were drilled, two in the front and one at the rear the holes are tapped, again using the jig and a bushing, BUT--

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