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Steve's Rifle Cartridge Reloading

These are the techniques and equipment that I use to produce reloaded cartridges for bolt and semi-automatic rifles. Other techniques and equipment may be: better/worse, cheaper/costlier, safer/more dangerous or whatever. Read this stuff and use it or not, at your own risk!

Primer Trays

Primer tools using tubes and hand priming tools both come with "primer trays" that are designed to accept primers from the manufacturers 100 primer packages and position the primers to be fed into the tubes or into the hand primer.

Ý Ý Ý This is the primer tray (left) and its lid (right) associated with the tube filling system. The surface of the tray is covered with a series of grooves.

Ý Ý Ý The primer packaging is placed on the table and the tray, grooved side down, is placed over the primer package.

Ý Ý Ý The primer package and tray are held together and turned over, and the primer package is removed, leaving the primers to fall out onto the tray.

Ý Ý Ý here the package has been removed. See that some of the primers are "up" and some "down".

Ý Ý Ý Now the tray is held down to the table surface and "shaken", the shaking will cause the primers to flip over until the are all oriented with the smooth side of the primer down. If this were a hand held primer tool tray, your done, just put the cover on and insert the tray into the hand priming tool.

Ý Ý Ý If the tray is being used with a tube type primer tool, the cover is placed over the tray.

Ý Ý Ý With the cover held tightly, the whole thing is turned over and the tray is removed, leaving the orimers in the cover, all with the smooth side up.

Ý Ý Ý Now the primers can be picked-up into the tube.

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