Barrel Vise for Turks with Rear Sight

Some discussion on one of the msg. boards raised the question - Can Brownells vise remove Turk barrels with the rear sight intact? Well, I don't think so. Brownells catalog shows the bushings or inserts to be 3 inches long, and that is to long for placement over the chamber area. You could clamp the barrel ahead of the rear sight but that risks bending the barrel, and besides, you may want to remove an M48 with the tapered barrel. I made a vise that holds bushings designed for the B-Square vise, also sold by Brownells.

This vise was made from 2-inch square steel scrap with a hole bored to accept the B-Square bushings.

Shown above is a bushing cut in two, with an inside diameter to fit the chamber area of the Turk (K.KALE). The two small bolts on the outside hold the lower bar to the bench, while two 3/4-inch bolts are sticking up, with their heads sandwiched between the lower bar and the bench.

This is an assortment of aluminum bushings, some purchased, some made. They all have the standard B-Square OD 1.371 inch. The upper and lower bars of the vise were bolted together with the 3/4-inch bolts with a 1/16-inch spacer between them, and a hole bored to 1.365 inch.

Above is a pic of a Turk barrel, with rear sight. This vise, AND A B-SQUARE VISE can remove a Turk barrel with sight intact. And while a Swede sight will not fit, the front of the Swede receiver will fit into the hole in the vise. I have removed Swede barrels and M48's and M98's, all with sights intact.


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