AR-15 / M-16 Magazine Modification

This modification will allow the loading of up to 8 or 10 longer-than-normal rounds into the magazine well of the rifle while requiring no modification to the rifle Magazines modified in this manner accept ammunition with a loaded over-all length of 2.345 to 2.350 inches.

Above shows two, modified, GI, 20 rnd mags. The modification is as follows:

Remove the floorplate, spring and follower. Grind away the small rivets holding the floorplate retaining spring and remove the spring. Remove a piece of the end of the magazine 1/2 inch wide and long enough to allow loading 8 or 10 rounds. The rivets and end metal can be removed with a small wheel mounted in a Dremel tool. Re-install the follower, spring and floorplate. Secure the floorplate with a tie-wrap or tape.

Note carefully the small "dents" in the top right of the above photo and as indicated by the pointer below.

These dents "MAY" be required in order to properly locate the follower. To the right above is an unmodified magazine.

Above is an edge view of a loaded, modified mag. These rounds are 2.345 inches long.

These modified mags allow easy checking the number of rounds loaded, so you don't have any question as you start a rapid fife event. They should be OK for Service Rifle (the mod is not visible when the mag is in the rifle), but the TyWrap needs to be replaced with a drop of AcraGlass. -or- I have seen mags at Camp Perry, in DCM matches, with color coded tape on the mags. This tape will hold the floor plate just fine, and doesn't seem to violate any rules.

Steve Wagner

Bellwood PA