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A 6.5x55 Match Rifle

Page 7 - A Level-Type Toy


The stock I used for this rifle was fitted with a channel on the underside of the stock. This channel was used to hold a handstop, used with a sling, when shooting HiPower competition. As I intend to use this rifle in F-Class matches, with the fore end supported by a rest, the channel was not required. When shooting prone (or any position for that matter) some way of determining if the rifle is "level", crosswise, is nice. This link shows a HiPower shooter, prone, and if you look VERY closely, you might see that the front sight is equipped with a vial style level. I decided this rifle needed a level (it was a LOOONG winter J ).

The channel runs from just ahead of the magazine to about 1-inch from the fore end of the stock, and is made to accept a mushroom-headed bolt. The end of the channel nearest the magazine is "opened" a little to allow inserting the bolt head.

A cheap ($1) "line-level" was bolted to a short steel angle. An extended leg of the angle was fastened to a piece of 8mm barrel (abut 2 inches long), and a 5/16 bolt, washer and wing nut complete the assembly.

The end of the short barrel piece was cut so as to provide a "step" on either side of the center. The remaining center is just a little "thinner" than the channel opening. When inserted into the channel, this step keeps recoil from rotating the level, The bolt head was ground away until it slid freely in the channel.

If you look very closely, you can see the "step" about to enter the channel.

The level is "stored" toward the front of the rifle. It makes a nice finger "hook" to carry the rifle around, or makes a nice way to hang the rifle over a fence.

To use the level, the wing-nut is loosened, the level slid to the rear and rotated until the step falls into the channel and the wing-nut is tightened.




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