About 30 years ago a bunch of guys I worked with decided to take some stop action photos of a bullet in flight. Now I find myself working with one of the original group and he reminded me of the photos. In the photos below the projectile is always traveling from left to right.Þ


Above, the bullet has passed through the card edgewise, but the card has not yet begun to fall.

Now this card was cut in two, so the 22LR bullet is caught in mid card.



Here the bullet is in the yellow balloon, having passed through the blue balloon and entered the yellow, but has not exited.


This water filled balloon is about to fall apart!


This is another balloon with the bullet still inside.


One thing we did learn is to NEVER use an apple as a target! Apparently the seeds deflect the projectile. Here the bullet is deflected upward.

This is a water filled ping pong ball.

These were taken with 35mm film cameras and a Polaroid.

I think I'll try doing it with a digital!!