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Mosin-Nagant Bolt Handle Relocation 

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Now the head of the 5/16 bolt is cut off and a bend is made. I am going to silver solder the 5/16 bolt into the hole. If this were a weld job, the bend could be made later, but with silver solder, I won't be able to apply enough heat to make a bend without softening the solder, so the bends need to be made first. But you can always heat the silver soldered joint a take it apart. The 1/4-inch Grade 8 bolt and two styles of knobs are for sale here.

The body of the bolt (rifle bolt, this is confusing) is held in the vise, while the 5/16 bolt, less it's head is inserted in the drilled hole. The end of the 5/16 bolt is held away by the metal block. Of course, the rifle bolt was cleaned with brake drum cleaner and the 5/16 bolt was polished bright with paper.

The candy apple sticks are in the bolt body to prevent oxidization.

The cocking surface is coated with heat stop. The wooden sticks and the heat stop are over-kill, as the silver solder won't require that much heat.

The joint was heated, flux was dropped, and solder was applied to the 5/16 bolt until solder was visible on the other side. Very little heat was required. Try to make sure that the 5/16 bolt sticks through the whole way, excess metal can be removed, but it's hard to fill a void with solder and that adds no strength.

The top of the rifle bolt is smoothed with a file.

A little dress-up on the side.

The underside looks good.

The body needs a little more dressing and the stock needs inletted. Notice the cracked stock, I'll need to repair that.

But now it clears the scope nicely.

The 1/4-inch Grade 8 bolt and two styles of knobs are for sale here.

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