The Very FIRST Walking Match

Western PA 30 Cal. League

June 28, 2003

Saturday was a great day for shooting the first Walking Match, and 3-1/2 teams showed up to compete.

Scores were as follows:


Total Score

Mark Kane/Dave Thompson


Steve Uhall/Bill Bierbower


Neal Proctor/Lawrence Ord


Mike Rodich/Nobody


Some very individual strategies were used; Mark Kane/Dave Thompson each fired at alternating firing positions, with one team member shooting ten shots while the other acted as spotter/coach; Steve Uhall/Bill Bierbower each fired five shots at each firing position; Neal Proctor fired all fifty shots while Lawrence Ord acted as spotter/coach; and Mike Rodich was his own team and competed alone.

The range was set-up for five teams firing and five teams pulling targets. You can see the five sets of targets; each team had one large and one small target to use.

The first firing position was at about 780 yards, in knee-high vegetation. Here, Mike Rodich is using a camera tripod to support his 308 Rem. Mod. 70.

Mark Kane used a different approach, building a support for his M1A out of a shooting stool, ammo can and corn-cob filled bag.

The second firing position was about 680 yards, and enough brush had been cleared to allow prone shooting. Here is Neal Proctor with his Twede (Turkish Mauser with a Swede barrel) in 6.5x55. His ever faithful Bwana (and son-in-law) Lawrence Ord is keeping him on target.

The third firing position, about 480 yards, forced everyone to shoot more-or-less offhand. Camera tripods were again popular, here Bill Bierbower (in red) shoots while Steve Uhall spots. In the background is the Proctor/Ord team.

The fourth position, about 340 yards was again suitable for prone shooting. Now you can see why the range is known as "The Rockpile". Here Mike Rodich shoots, note the folded tripod with the red carpet covered rifle trough and the small blue flag, both to his left, while his notes and range tables lie to his right.

And finally, the fifth and last position, about 288 yards, where uneven range conditions allowed Mike Rodich to fire semi-kneeling while Mark Kane is fully standing using crossed shooting sticks.



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