Bellwood Sportsmen's

Mauser v/s Mosin-Nagant

October 5, 2002

Four shooters showed up for this last match of 2002. I don't have the scores yet, but do have some photos. I didn't compete because when I went to the reloading bench, I found I had no 6.5mm bullets.

Any way:

Above we have an M48 shooter using 8mm ammo.

Then on the left, is an P17 shooter, using 30-06, and to the right a Colombian Mauser, also in 30-06.

Here's our M48 shooter in the prone position.

Here are all four competitors, the right-most shooter is the only M-N shooter.

Here's another one of the M-N shooter.

The targets, viewed over the shoulder of a prone shooter.



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