Take a Walk (Tactical) at Reade Range

The Western PA Cal. 30 League held this Match June 28th, a Saturday

Range/Match Familiarization began at 0930 Match started at 1000 Hrs.

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Match Results/Photos/Scores

The Game

This team match is a tactical, walking, competition involving two-person teams, firing at Bulls-Eye targets, at unknown distances ranging from 300 to 1000 yards.

Each two-person team will be assigned two adjacent targets. The targets will be mounted on frames that permit raising or lowering of the targets. When raised, the targets are visible, when lowered, the targets are not visible. The range has ten targets and can handle five teams at one time. Non-firing teams will be assigned to operate (raise and lower) these targets. See below for a description of the target operation and scoring/marking procedures.

How It's Played

Each event will begin with the (firing) teams (and their vehicles) at the Parking Area at the 600-yard line. (The non-firing teams will be in the target pits) These teams will draw their "color" from a hat (more about color below) and then walk to the 1000-yard firing line, and then walk, line abreast, toward the targets, 1000 yards away. Teams will maintain a separation (spacing) of about 20 yards, while following a "path" identified by colored flags. Periodically, all the targets, large and small, will be raised for a time period of 8 minutes. When the targets appear, the line-officer will call out "Targets", and each team will have 8 minutes to fire 10 shots. The targets will be lowered at the end of the 8-minute time period, and unfired shots will remain "unfired". There will be 5 "Targets" sites, allowing for a possible 50 shots per team. The "Targets" sites will NOT be marked on the ground, they will only be identified by the line-officer's call out of "Targets". When the targets are lowered, after an 8-minute firing period, the bullet holes will be "marked", so as to provide some targeting info, but this info will only be available (visible) at the next "Targets" site. See the procedure for scoring/marking described below.

Who Plays

Each two-person team will be composed of two firing members or one firing and one coach/spotter members. No more than 10 shots will be fired at each "Targets" site. If both members of a team elect to fire, they can divide the 10 shots as they wish, and the division of shots between the team members need not be the same at every "Targets" site. Team members WILL NOT be allowed to share a rifle, each shooter must carry his/her own rifle, even if that member has no intention of firing. If a team members' rifle becomes inoperable during the event, that team member will not be allowed to fire for the remainder of the event. Spare rifles will not be permitted. Rifles cannot be exchanged between team members, a team member must use the rifle that that member carried from the 1000 yard line.

Some Rules

When the line-officer calls out "Targets", the team member(s) shall load and fire. When the targets disappear, each shooter shall make his/her rifle safe; shall leave the bolt open, if bolt action; shall insert a chamber safety flag, if semi-automatic; shall remove any detachable magazines, and wait for the line-officer to call out "Move Forward" before leaving the "Targets" site.

The targets used will be the MR (600 yard or "big") target and the SR (200 yard or "small") target. The decision to shoot at the big or small or both targets is up to the team members. The teams' targets will be outlined by colored flagging having the same color as the teams' path-way flags. (Which will be the same as the color drawn at random by the team while at the 600-yard line)

The final team score will be the total of the value of scored shots on the big target plus two times the value of the scored shots on the small target assigned to that particular team. Note that "cross-fires" will count as part of the total score, so it is possible that a team will have a final score greater than the possible 1000-100x*. The line-officer and his/her assistants will monitor the firing of shots at each "Targets" site. A team firing more than 10 shots at any "Targets" site will be immediately disqualified. A team displaying ANY unsafe actions will be immediately disqualified.

Any rifle or handgun with a caliber of 8mm or less, fitted with any sight(s) may be used. Teams may use range-finders, either hand-held or fitted to the firearm. Artificial supports are permitted, but it should be noted that the range terrain may not permit firing from the prone position at some "Targets" sites. The terrain may require shooting from the sitting, kneeling or standing positions at some "Targets" sites. No wheeled carriage or devices will be permitted, all equipment must be carried.

Team members shall not receive any coaching or spotting information from anyone except the other team member.

In the event of a "tie" score, the (tied) team having the highest score at the farthest-from-the-target (first) "Targets" site will win. If this score is also a tie, the second "Targets" site score will break the tie, and so on. See below for the site scoring procedures.

What Those NON-FIRING Guys are to Do, When YOU are Walking/Firing

The competitors not competing in an ongoing event will be "in the pits", operating and scoring the targets of the Walking/Shooting teams. Competitors who have completed their event WILL be required to put in their time "in the pits". Pit duties will include raising and lowering the targets on command, keeping the time (8-minutes), and when the targets are lowered, counting the scored shots and the shot values of both the "big" and "small" targets, and recording those values on the score cards. When the targets have been scored, the bullet holes will be "pasted over" with 3/4-inch diameter white or black paper "pasters". Bullet holes falling in the black portion of a target will be "pasted over" with white pasters, while bullet holes falling in the white areas (in scored and non-scored areas) will be pasted over with black pasters. These white-on-black and black-on-white pasted-over bullet holes should be visible to the Walking/Firing competitors (with good scopes!) and should provide some feed-back as to targeting success or failure. Scoring and pasting must be done promptly to insure smooth operation of the match!! This link shows the Score Card.

What It Costs, How Much Could You Win, How to Register

An entry fee of $25 per two-competitor team will cover range and equipment costs. There will need to be a MINIMUM of six teams entered! Because of this minimum requirement, pre-registration and pre-payment will be required. If the minimum number of teams (6) is pre-registered, the match will be a GO, and I will post an announcement to that effect. At that time, (after the first 6 teams have pre-registered) teams may pre-register/pre-pay, or may pay and register at the range prior to the match. If the minimum number of teams is not reached, I will refund any registration fees.

Prior to the start of the match, the registered teams may decide to anti-up an additional $20/team for prize money. Prize money will be distributed as follows:

Number of Teams Shooting for Prize
































$ 55








And So On


Some Fine Print Stuff

Each event is expected to take about 2 hours, and three events could be held in a day. This will limit the number of competitors in a "match" to 30, or 15 2-competitor teams. Pre-registered teams will be guaranteed a "spot" in preference to teams signing up at the range.

Selection of competing in the First, Second, or Third (if there is a Third) event will be by random drawing. And, as noted above, selection of "Trail" will also be by random drawing. No team may compete in more that one event per day (match).

Firing team members must be 16 years of age or older. If a team member is not yet 16, he/she will carry a "safe" or dummy rifle. The range officer will determine just what a "safe" rifle will be, probably one without a bolt.

Pre-Registration is preferred. Pre-register by mailing a check (or a Money Order, I will cash it and if the Match is a no-go, I'll return a Personal Check) and: at least one team member name - or - both team members' names - or - a Team Name to:

Steve Wagner

RD 2 Box 313

Tyrone PA 16686

Make the check payable to: Gerald S. Wagner Jr.

Please include an E-Mail address or phone number !!!

Book-Mark this page or My Home Page for the most up-to-date info!!


* If a team elected to fire ALL 50 shots at the "small" target, and ALL shots fell in the "X" circle, that team would have a total shot value on the "small" target of 500-50x. The event total would be the sum of the shot value of the "big" target, in this case zero, and 2 times the shot value of the "small" target, in this case 2 times 500-50x, or a total of 1000-100x.