Wagner’s Firearms

Well it’s 2008 and I find myself wanting to update these pages. I stopped adding material when I accepted a full time job with a local Engineering company, about 4 years ago. When not working I built a two story addition onto my shop and opened a retail gunshop in the second floor.

I am located on Becker road just outside Bellwood PA. The phone number shown on the sign rings in the shop. My hours are normally 5 PM – 8 PM week days and 12 Noon till 5 PM weekends.

I have a pretty good selection of ammunition, including some 303 Savage, 357 Rem. Ultra, 22 Savage HiPower, 38 S&W (not 38 Special), 32 S&W, Long and Short

Reloading supplies.

I have my reloading equipment set up in one corner. And a case of handguns.

And some more rifles.

If you’r ever in the area, give me a call and then stop by. The call is to make sure I’m open, and not at the range!!!!