Making an AR15/M16 Bolt Stop Extension


I got it into my head that it might be interesting to make-up a batch of AR style bolt-stop extensions.

The AR has an unpleasant design feature that requires right-handed shooters to "reach-over" the top of the rifle in order to close the bolt. This is not very nice when shooting prone or off of a bench. It's not so bad when using the rifle in combat.

Ý Ý Ý The extension is the piece in mid-air in the upper-left of the photo. It slides down over the bolt stop, the thing with the horizontal grooves.

Ý Ý Ý Here it is, slid over and secured with a #8 socket head set-screw.

Now follows a bunch of machining photos, calculated to insure you that buying one from me is worth the $25 I am asking. If you want to get to the Anodizing stuff right away, click on this link.

Ý Ý Ý A 6-foot piece of 1/2 x 1/2 T6061 bar stock was cut up into 25 pieces on a power band saw.

Ý Ý Ý Each piece was then put into the mill and a bunch was milled away. This shows a blank in the vise and a finished piece atop the vise.

Ý Ý Ý A jig was made to hold the piece at a 5-degree angle and another cut was made.

Ý Ý Ý Here is a piece after the angled cut.

Ý Ý Ý A 5/64" end mill was used to cut a slot, this operation was done two-at-a-time.

Ý Ý Ý A Woodruff key cutter was used as a T-slot cutter to cut the "box" that slips over the bolt-stop.

Ý Ý Ý The hole for the set-screw was first spotted with a #1 center drill.

Ý Ý Ý And then drilled through with a #29 drill.

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