First Invitation Match - 2008


The Bellwood Sportsmen's Association supports a BB gun league and that league hosted an invitational match on March 9, 2008. The teams invited were from the Tussey Mountain league and Penns Valley league. We had 37 competitors. The match was held at the Antis Twp. Recreation Center near DelGrosso’s Amusement Part on Old US 220 in Antis Township. The setup looked like this: ß

There were 20 targets, 20 shooters firing and the next twenty sitting at the ready line (the chairs behind the firing line).

The competition consisted of four stages of fire. First, prone:

Here we have Abbey Crider, a Bellwood shooter, shooting, while her father, Scott, acts as coach and loader. All shooters are using Avanti (Daisy) 499, single shot, muzzle loaded, air/spring guns. The firing distance is a little more than 16 feet (five meters). This is a fired target:

The black is about 11/16 of an inch or almost exactly the size of a dime. The black contains the 10, 9 and 8 rings. The two targets inside the box are sighting targets, while the other ten are used for score, one shot per.

Ý This gun belongs to a young lady from Penns Valley, notice the kneeling roll, used when firing in the kneeling position.

The second stage of fire is standing: ß

Ý Here my brother, Allen - yellow shirt – coaching Arianna G., also a Bellwood shooter) in the offhand position. The BBs are in the small can behind the shooter on the mat.


Ý Here is Abbey and Scott during the off-hand stage.

The third stage was sitting: ß

ß And finally, kneeling:


This link may show the scores.


This link takes you to more photos.